Breww App Delivery Co-ordinates

On the Breww app when we hit Navigate and the address is passed over to Google Maps it is passed as co-ordinates and is often quite far out. Our old route planning app used to pass the address over rather than co-ordinates which was much better as Google Maps then even knew the house number/pub name so it could direct you to the door. It also told you accurately which side of the road things were on so better all round really. Is this something that can be done with Breww?

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This is an interesting one.

You’re right that we give the coordinates to Google Maps when loading it as a “sat-nav” on the app, but we also get the coordinates from Google Maps in the first place (by giving them the address). At the point of loading the route on the app, we’re just giving them back their own coordinates.

We also use these coordinates for other things, so if they’re not quite right, that will be having knock-on effects in other areas (route optimisation, delivery area checking, etc) and it would be best for us to find out why Google Maps gave us the wrong coordinates for the address originally, rather than just changing what we gave to Google Maps at the point of loading the address into your “sat-nav”… if that makes sense?

Would you be able to open a support ticket (granting us data access to your account) and let us know a couple of example order numbers where the coordinates weren’t quite right? This way we can dig into the raw data, get to the bottom of the root cause and hopefully improve things going forward.

Thank you.