Automatic Delivery Type on Repeating Orders

Hi there,

We are using the “repeating orders” feature, and would find it very useful if there was an option for generated orders to be automatically set to a chosen delivery “type” (“own vehicles”, “collection” or “courier”), as this is often consistent for all of the orders being scheduled. Our sales team are currently having to set regular reminders to check through Breww for any generated orders, which detracts from some of the usefuless of the feature’s automation. If this isn’t done, the orders are in danger of being missed by our warehousing and logistics teams, and not routed or delivered.


Hi Greg,
Thanks for the post!
There is already an option for repeated orders to have a specific fulfilment type. If this setting has been missed on some schedules, you can go back and edit this on the Repeating order schedules dashboard.

I hope this solves it for you but let me know if not.

Ah! Well that’s perfect, not sure why that’s been missed previously but I will let the team know!


Great, glad I could help!