Anyone using automatic fermentation monitoring?

Hello all

Wondering if anyone is using automatic fermentation monitoring devices (Tilt Pro, Plaato Pro, BrewMonitor etc) and what your opinions of them are?

Looking at some sort of remote monitoring for taking readings at our brewpub as the team are based at our production site most of the time.

Also interested in this technology long term for our production site (circa 13 FVs currently).



Hey Jack,

Yes, we are, we have two Tilt pros. We also use the Tiltpi image from the tilt website. I like having the automatic fermentation monitoring, we were told Customer before we implemented Breww we were using the Tiltpi four remote monitoring as well as display on the wall of the celler. In order to implement the tilt for Brew, we put up another Tiltpi that is used exclusively to send the data to Brew.

We love it I wouldn’t brew without it, please let me know if you have any questions. I’ll do my best to help.



We tried Plaato Pro. Started off OK but steadily became less accurate vs. spindle. They sent a replacement…same problem: sent them both back. OK for monitoring general progress of a fermentation but gravity measurements far too inaccurate for us.

Thanks Jim

What size FVs are you using out of curiosity. Sounds like an intersting solution but wondering if it’ll only work on smaller FVs rather than bigger ones, e.g. 45HL.

Thanks for the reply Erik. Plaato Pro has interested us the most recently but interesting to hear you weren’t impressed with the accuracy of the measurements. I was imagining it they would be good for the constant monitoring of fermentation progress but we’d still do our manual sampling for OG & FG.