3rd party fermentation monitor data upload to batch analysis


We are trialling Precision Fermentation BrewMonitor and liking it. It gathers a LOT of data - gravity, liquid temp, ambient temp, DO (only ppm before you get too excited), pH, pressure, conductivity and all can be downloaded in a .csv file. I would love to be able to add this into the batch analysis tab in Breww. If you created a .csv dowload and upload from there so it was in your own format, we could then transpose the data in excel and upload back to Breww. It would work for any other system too.

FYI we have already tried to get Tilt working a year or so a ago but it’s pretty ‘homebrew’ and we never got a working signal despite buying 3 of them and 2 Raspberry Pis.

Thanks for the suggestion, Mike.

I think a manual import of fermentation data via a CSV would be a great addition, so thanks for putting this forward.

There is also Brew Monitor (Precision Fermentation) Integration which you might like to vote for as well :+1:

On this - I remember having a conversation way back in the beginning of our onboarding about doing this with the CSV upload from an Anton Parr DMA35.

We decided not to pursue it any further as the sample temperature reading isn’t the same as the vessel temperature, but some may find it useful if that, and other devices, could be supported also.

If you want me to send you a sample CSV again, let me know :beers:

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Thanks, Steve, I’m sure that would be useful when we get to this project.

If there’s nothing sensitive/private in the file, are you ok with uploading it here? We manage our feature requests using these threads on the community (although we see some extra options vs you), so here is the ideal place for the file.

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I’d be happy to share the Brew IQ (new name for Brew Monitor) data with you too

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data_export (2).csv (39.9 KB)

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An issue we have with the Brew IQ system is it’s estimating ABV. We brew multi-turn and also always brew stronger and liquor back. This seems to throw the estimated ABV off so we would need to set to be able to sete a fixed calculated OG in Breww rather than allow that to pull through, even though our readings would occasionally be higher than the OG

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Thanks for the sample file, Mike! Having had a quick look, those columns would map really well to our fermentation readings.

We don’t currently take an ABV reading, so that column would be ignored anyway, and you could certainly import all the gravity readings, but then manually confirm which are OG and FG, so that Breww can calculate your ABV based on those two, rather than automatically using something in the spreadsheet. (And the OG/FG could be manual readings, rather than from the spreadsheet if needed).

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Apologies for the delay Luke. Any questions, or if you need a larger data set, please let me know.

measureLog_export.csv (620 Bytes)

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