Automatic fermentation monitoring

Breww already has an integration with the Tilt Hydrometer but we’d love to explore other options. Our Tilt integration allows for readings of both temperature and gravity to be recorded every 15 minutes directly to a batch of beer. Breww customers can find out more about our Breww Tilt Connection feature here.

We appreciate that the Tilt is not really suitable for our many of customers and certainly not compatible in all situations. For example, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with our Breww Tilt Connect device and the range on the Bluetooth protocol is quite short. The Tilt can also be “thrown off” by vigorous fermentations (although we have some outlier detection and averaging of many readings per 15-minute period, to try to reduce the effects of this). We’re fully committed to continuing to support the Tilt and other monitoring products going forward.

We’re looking to see what other devices you have installed in your brewery already which you think we could tap into. We’ve also found the Plaato Industrial (which is still in development/trials) but looks like it will be an excellent product.

Here’s an example of a graph produced by our Breww Tilt Connect product which really shows the power of automatic monitoring.

We also plan to add support for alerting you (via email, SMS, etc) if the temperature or gravity moves out of an acceptable range so you don’t even need to manually keep an eye on your fermentations from home (which of course you can do easily with Breww - as it’s fully web-based).

Please reply below with your thoughts and ideas and if you like the sound of this, hit the “Vote” button to the top right.

We’ve had an enquiry about an integration with TankNET by Acrolon. Is anyone else using this product or considering it? If so, please let us know here!