Add transport costs when moving stock between locations

We move stock from co-packers to warehouse to brewery. Each movement, via dedicated lorry or pallet network etc, has a cost we want to associate with just the stock being moved.

It would be great, at the point of moving stock (with the screen that says date, ARC, etc) we could add a transport cost to this subset of the batch, to more accurately reflect the cost of moving that pallet.


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I’ll add a suggestion on a similar topic here too.

It would be great to have the movements feature improved to have movements as a shipping type order that would appear in the deliveries section.

I.e. if we move stock to a fulfilment centre, we transfer it in Breww and have the fulfilment centre as a non bonded warehouse so duty is paid when the goods leave us. Ideally this transfer would then appear in the deliveries tab so the production/warehousing team would know to get the transfer palletised or ready for shipment.


Thanks, Alex & Jack, for the suggestions.

We’ve plans to improve this workflow - see Stock transfer between sites/contract brewers/offsite packagers on delivery schedule (Stock Movement Documents) - which covers the point of the transfers being included in your deliveries section. We may be able to add the cost-tracking element to this.

It’s also related to Tracking shipping/delivery costs/charges paid for by us; although that was originally aimed at courier charges, we could allow tracking costs to you for any type of delivery. We’d need to consider how these costs may impact product cost reports versus sales margin reports, but I felt these were worth linking together to ensure we don’t burn any bridges when we implement the early parts of this.

Thanks again for the suggestions, they really do help us make Breww better and better all the time.

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