Vessel visualization & reorganisation

We really like using the vessel visualization on the production screen, in conjunction with the list style, as it gives a lot of very useful at a glance information - particularly across multiple sites, however when you have a lot of vessels at one site this can become very cluttered.

This is particularly true with our barrels, which the mouse-over information is very helpful for longer term planning without lots of forward/backward clicking, but the number of them squashes all the rest of the production vessels around - I understand that we can lose the visualization on the barrels to improve the visualization everywhere else, but that isn’t completely ideal as we lose quick access to the residency time.

So, I’ve been thinking about a number of options, and was keen to hear others thoughts:-

  1. Split Primary & Secondary visuals, e.g. Move secondary vessel visualization to below the primary list?
  2. Provide the vessel mouse-over information on the list (so the vessels don’t have to be viewed - maybe over the vessel name)?
  3. Provide a residency/in-vessel time column in the main list?

Be curious to hear others experiences & ideas with this.

Thanks for the suggestions, Steve. We agree, that this could certainly be improved - especially when you have lots of vessels.

We also have plans for Custom vessel groupings which you could define the order that they show in, and could let you decide if you’d like the group shown in the visualisation or not. If it was shown, there could even be an option like, “Show this next to the previous group or below the previous group”.

I’m sure we could add some of the other information in the hover message (e.g. in-vessel time) to the main table too.

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