UK beer duty - why do I need to enter a new estimate today (1st Feb)?

Good morning, everyone.

We’ve been inundated with support tickets this morning and complaints that Breww has “lost” your annual estimates for UK beer (alcohol) duty purposes. We’re posting this thread to make this situation more manageable for us and will link all tickets to this thread.

Firstly, don’t worry - Breww has not lost your annual estimates.

In August last year, HMRC changed many things about how beer duty works in the UK. At this time, they also changed the “year” period to run from 1st Feb to 31st Jan (previously, it was a calendar year). This is why, as of today (1st Feb) you need to enter a production estimate for this “duty year”, as we are now in a new “duty year”.

If you need to look up your production last year (i.e.1st Feb 2023 to 31st Jan 2024), you can use our report here.

We held a webinar on this topic a couple of weeks ago to explain these changes. If you didn’t see it, or need a recap, you can watch it here.

If you’re wondering why you had to enter an estimate on 1st Jan too, this was needed as although HMRC changed their “year”, we (at Breww) did not, and our billing is still based on the calendar year.

Please ask us if you have any questions below, and we’ll be happy to help.

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