Trees, CO2 and the environment

I’m Luke. I’m one of the founders of Breww and I care deeply about the environment and the planet we all live on. My team do too, so we’re committed to doing what we can.

The truth is that I don’t know how much CO2 I produce personally (how would I?), but I’m conscious of it. I’m mindful at all times and do my best not to buy things I don’t need, I’m eating less meat and I try hard not to waste anything. I’m fortunate to live in the countryside with a big garden. I’ve got a few chickens which I got from a local free-range egg farm once they’d passed their commercially viable stage and they get all the food that my wife and I don’t eat (although the local wildlife swoop in for their share too).

Max and I started Breww on a shoestring, we didn’t have spare money to throw about, but we’re still doing what we can to ensure we give back more to the environment than we take from it. Our office is powered by 100% renewable electricity and carbon offset gas - we use Pure Planet. Breww’s servers are hosted in a green data centre in London and this was a requirement of our partner from the outset.

We’ve recently (Dec 2020) started a carbon offset and tree planting scheme using the wonderful people over at Ecologi. We’ve committed to always have a Climate Positive Workforce. As the team grows, so will our contribution to the environment. We are giving monthly to offset our impact. We’ve had a green data centre and green energy from the beginning, but we’ve back-dated our contributions to Ecologi to cover the time we’ve been working on Breww before we signed up to their monthly subscription.

We’re delighted to say as of Jan 2021, the Breww team has paid for the planting of over 1,000 trees and the offsetting of 25,000 kg of CO2. These numbers will increase every month, so keep an eye on our Ecologi profile to see where we are now.

If you want to help too, click this link, make a personal account (I have one of these in addition to our Breww profile) and help us save the planet. Using that link will get both of us some extra “referral trees” too.

Here’s to planet Earth :evergreen_tree: