Why is Breww refusing to accept a valid UK postcode?

Breww verifies all UK postcodes with Royal Mail, in order to make sure all of our vehicle routing functionality can give you the most optimal routes possible. Usually if Breww rejects a postcode, it is because it has been terminated by Royal Mail and replaced. Royal Mail have a useful postcode lookup tool here, which should give you the current correct postcode for any customer address.

You might be surprised how many customers are unknowingly using incorrect postcodes. We fully appreciate that this level of validation may at times be annoying when you “just want to add the address”, but in the long-run ensuring that the data entered is valid offers significant benefits to you in what Breww can do with regards to plotting customers on maps and saving you time & fuel on delivery runs.

Accurate address data quite literally helps save the planet :deciduous_tree: Find out more about Breww’s commitment to the planet.