Tags & Mailchimp


I’m working with a brewery in London to help them get their marketing up and running and had a question about how Breww synchronises with Mailchimp?

I can see that you an integrate the two by audience but how do you get them to integrate by Mailchimp tag?

For example, if we just wanted to target bottle shop customers with a Mailchimp campaign, when a potential customer gets added to Breww, do the tags get translated to Mailchimp and visa-versa?

Also, as I’m only working with the brewery (not for them), although I’ve been given access to most things (pretty much everything they were able to with me being a guest), Breww still doesn’t allow me to add tags into it directly as I don’t have permission.

Is that feature likely to change?

Thanks for the question, Nick

Breww can either sync all customers/contacts to Mailchimp, or it can sync a subset if you choose a “Customer list” to sync. You can create a “Customer list” which only includes customers with a given tag (or tags) and so this should allow you to only sync customers with a given tag to Mailchimp.

Breww will only ever upload customers/contacts to Mailchimp and when it does it will also apply any tags set on the customer/contact on their Mailchimp counterpart (as long as you’ve picked them in the “Tags to sync” box). Breww will never download customers/contacts from Mailchimp, so there’s no sync in that way of tags either.

No, sorry, we don’t plan to change how the access rights work in this regard. Depending on where you’re needing to add tags, the brewery will either need to do it for you, or give you extra permissions.

I hope this is useful, but please let us know if you need anything else on this.

Hi Luke,

I’m working with a brewery based in London to help them get up and running with their marketing. In regards to Mailchimp, I can see that Breww override Mailchimp contacts. Is there a way to stop this?

I’ve set up a series of landing pages for the brewery that are all segmented and tagged and I’m concerned how the integration will work or whether it will even be beneficial.

I presume there’s no way of Mailchimp sending data to brew as the landing pages will be one way of capturing our leads. Alternatively, does Breww have any landing page/funnel type features?


I’ve moved your other question to this same thread (above) to keep all the conversation in one place (as there’s some overlap).

Breww will upload customers/contacts to Mailchimp and you can decide if it should remove any contacts from Mailchimp that it didn’t expect to be there or if it should leave them untouched. Typically, if you get Mailchimp contacts from multiple sources (e.g. Breww, plus a website subscribe form), you won’t want Breww removing them. If you have a dynamic list for, say, “customers who haven’t purchased in the last 6 months”, then you’d want Breww to remove contacts no longer meant to be there (they might have now made a purchase). I’ve explained this in a bit more detail in a previous post:

This sounds like you’ve got Mailchimp contacts coming from a website as well as Breww, so you’ll definitely want to have the option set for Breww not to delete contacts from the list, or these will be lost. Additionally, (regardless of the setting for deletion) if a contact was added to Mailchimp via landing pages on your website but also existed in Breww, then Breww would consider this contact as “managed by Breww” and would take control the contacts tags.

This would mean if they had, say “Tag 1” in Breww only and they subscribed on the website and got a tag of say “Tag 2”, then Breww would remove the “Tag 2” and apply it’s record of “Tag 1”. Breww won’t download the “Tag 2” from Mailchimp to Breww.

Not really, to be honest, but it’s a great suggestion and would be welcomed in the Ideas & feature requests - Breww Community area if you’d like to see this added in the future? For now, the closest we have to a landing page is the “Request access” page for the Breww Trade Store, which does allow potential customers to request access and approved for purchases and created as a customer within Breww in just a couple of clicks.

Please let us know if you have any other questions on this :+1:

Thanks Luke. I’ll take a long and get back to you if I need further help.

On a separate note, what’s your email address? I’d like to contact you/Breww about a podcast I run and some opportunities that might be useful for Breww.