Suspend/block customer account after period of outstanding invoices (put account on hold)

Would it be possible to have the option to block sales to a customer if they have outstanding invoices past a set horizon, for instance, 3 months past due? This way, a customer who might be under their credit limit, but hasn’t paid in a timely manner, would have their orders blocked until outstanding invoices have been resolved.



Hi Ben,

This isn’t possible at the moment, but would be a good feature. I’ll add it to the list for you.
The only thing I’d suggest in the meantime, is using a private alert note to alert your staff to not allow any orders to go through. This way is obviously completely manual. You can add an alert note by going to the customer’s page, clicking Actions > Add private alert note.


This would be a really helpful feature. With previous CRMs I’ve used there has been a button on the main customer account page you can click to place on or off hold depending on account / credit status and it restricts you from accidently placing or despatching orders for overdue accounts unless you physically take them off hold.

We agree it would be a great addition to allow specifying the time period or manually prevent orders with a hold button.

I just want to clarify, in case it’s been missed, you can already prevent new invoices if any invoice for the customer is overdue. This setting can be found in SettingsOrder/invoice settings.

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Hey Luke, with the bit preventing new invoices if any invoice is overdue, if that is set i assume that will apply to every customer? Is there a way to do it customer specific?

Hi Justin :wave: Not quite. The actual action to take if a customer is considered as “over their credit limit” can be set on a per-customer basis, but the setting above affects how Breww should determine if someone is considered as over their credit limit in the first place.

I do think a quick toggle to put an account on hold and prevent new orders would be a great addition, as it’s a little different from what’s available now.

Good news :tada: We’ve added a button to quickly block an account from processing further orders:

I realise this isn’t strictly what the first request on this thread was for (i.e. after 3 months due), but it’s what the rest of the thread has become. Does this cover what’s needed, or is there still a need for this to happen automatically after an amount of time has passed? Especially considering the credit limit option I mention in a previous post above?

Hi Luke,

I think this is a good option, and stops our team from having to jump in and add/adjust customer credit limits etc on a regular basis to block/unblock customer accounts.

Another feature, which I think would be very useful, is an override button on the sales page that allows admins to force an order/delivery through regardless of the credit limit/blocks in place.

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That’s great, thanks Ben.

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