How to put a customer account on hold/block/stop/suspend and prevent order processing

Breww has a number of options for managing credit limits and preventing orders from being processed on accounts that are over their credit limit. Sometimes, however, you just need to block order processing on an account. Fortunately, we have a button for that :smile:

From a customer account page, use the More actions button and choose the Block order processing option.


You’ll get the option to block the account and can add a reason.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 17.41.20

From this point on, you cannot confirm new orders, invoice orders or dispatch deliveries. A warning a bit like the one below will be shown on the customer account, all their orders and their deliveries.

Anyone can block an account, but only users with the Unblock order processing permission level can unblock an account again. To unblock an account, use the same button on the customer screen or the pencil icon in the top-right of the warning message.


Hi Luke

How does this work with integrations i.e. Sellar?


Great question, Jack, thank you.

Sellar (and any other external platforms) that give us orders for accounts that are preventing new orders will still have these orders imported, but you will not be able to dispatch them, invoice them or complete their deliveries. We thought this was the best solution, so you are aware that they have ordered (rather than missing it completely).

Cheers :+1:

Great development. Really useful. Stops us having to workaround by up/downing the credit limit ad-hoc.

Thanks team!

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Great thanks for clarifying Luke.

I was thinking about this last week and thought the following could work (should I add as a separate feature request?)

In an ideal world we’d still like customers to be able to place orders if they are over their credit limit but not release the order until the account is up to date. The issue with ‘not allowing order dispatch’ in the credit limit settings is that potentially we don’t see that a customer is over their limit until the day of the delivery and it doesn’t give us time to chase them to settle the account. It would be great if there was a task/notification setting where Breww would flag that a customer was over their credit limit with orders due for delivery that week, maybe in the form of a task notification, a few days before the delivery was due to go out so we could chase the customer for payment and still get the new order out to them. Even an automatic email notification could be cool where a customer was emailed if they had overdue invoices with an order waiting to go out.


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Thanks, Jack, I can see how that would be useful. Yes, if you don’t mind opening an FR, that would be great, as, to be honest, ideas that are in the comments of non-FR threads end up getting lost as they don’t feed into our normal reports. :ok_hand: