Substitutable Ingredient


This might be possible but I haven’t noticed it.

Is there a way to have substitutable ingredient for recipes?

When I create beer that has an item I don’t have in stock but have a direct substitute then it flags up and I have to assign it manually. It would be good if you can link inventory items in some way to say they are essentially the same. e.g. crushed malt is the same and whole malt.

Agreed this would be useful, we use two brands of auxiliary finings which are interchangeable so would be great to have a substitution option

Thanks for putting this forward. You’re right that this can’t be done currently, but it would make a great addition, so I’m sure we can look at this.

I’m thinking from a stock item, you can simply pick another stock item and enter a “quantity multiplier” to link the two together and this would result in being able to be swapped “both ways”. The quantity multiplier would be useful if, for example, you need to use more hops when they’re whole-leaf versus when in pellet form.

I’m also linking this to Improvement suggestion to pre-brew stock check - on the fly changes to batches as the two could work well together and feed from the same “substitute” information.

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