Improvement suggestion to pre-brew stock check - on the fly changes to batches

I like to plan out a few batches then run the pre-brew stock check but I have come across something that doesn’t quite work very well.

If I change a recipe after the batch has started. E.g. substitute a base malt or change the dry hop the pre-brew check doesn’t take this into account. It still thinks that I need to add x kg of base malt or hops to the batch even though it is in the FV and already added.

Is there a way to make the in progress ingredients align with the pre-brew stock check? I added the substitute malts in place of step when it would be added but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Currently I can’t use the tool as it shows loads of stuff short when in fact I don’t even need them at all.

Hi Adam,

It would definitely be useful to have something to specify that a recipe has been changed so that the pre-brew stock check doesn’t think there are still some ingredients to be used in an in-progress batch.

I will make sure to update you if there are any developments on this and for anyone else who would like to see this in Breww, please vote using the button above.

Hi Joe,

I found that you can correct this but you have to go through all the ingredients in the batch and re-assign them to each step. This is fine if I know that something has been added and that I need to update it but there will probably be times where I don’t notice, most likely with dry hops.

Hi Adam,

I’m glad that you have found a workaround in the meantime but I can see how a dedicated feature for this would be useful so hopefully I will have some developments on this in the future.



Hi Joe,

I’m just jumping on this post as we are experiencing the same issues as above. In short the prebrew stock check takes into account the ingredients in a batch that’s already been brewed. Obviously this isn’t very useful if we are wanting to find out what ingredients we need for upcoming planned brews. Is there anything in the pipeline for improving this feature? e.g. separating out the ‘planned’ and ‘in progress batches’ tick box options?

Kind regards

Thanks for the message, Rob. This report should already be excluding ingredients already added to batches. If you think this isn’t the case, could you please open a support ticket (granting us data access) and let us know the example batch/ingredient, and we can investigate this for you? Thanks.

Hi Luke, I think I’ve worked it out. So, if I started a batch and we didn’t have enough of a particular ingredient then it will still think that ingredient is to be added even when the batch is in progress and we may have manually changed the ingredients on the ingredients tab. To resolve this we have to tick the ‘Done’ box next to the ingredient that is missing on the brewsheet. Doing this then acknowledges that something has been done and Breww then ignores it when doing a prebrew stockcheck.
I think we’re there with it. Thanks

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Ah, yes, that’s it. Great to hear you’ve got it sorted :+1: