Stop containers being racked if stock item components are not in stock

Could there be an option to stop containers being racked if component parts are not in stock?
Currently the system lets you continue racking containers without the necessary components and (I think) just excludes the cost of these from the cost price. It would be helpful to be able to select an option to stop you doing that. If you don’t have the kegs then it would be a warning that you’ve input the wrong number, but if not then it’s a flag that the stock level is wrong and needs investigating. It’s too easy to bypass fixing the problem at the moment!

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Thanks for posting this, Bob. Just for future context, this suggestion was following the discussion at Racking issue when there are not enough inventory items in stock for the container

This is going to be crucial for us because I won’t be able to rely on Breww costings until I know all stock items are definitely included in each batch. I understand from the packaging team that the current warning comes at the end of the process and it’s really too little too late.

Thanks Helen.

I can see how this would be helpful, so we will try to get to this request.

It is quite late in the process, but it is at the earliest possible point. It couldn’t be earlier in the process as we don’t know which product is being racked & how many prior to this. Without knowing what is being packaged, we cannot work out what stock will be required to determine if you have enough available.

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Great news, everyone - this feature is now available :tada:

It’s off by default (to preserve the original functionality), but can be easily enabled in SettingsProduction settings.

We hope this is useful. Thank you for putting forward this suggestion and helping us to make Breww even better.

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