Stock valuation report split by site

Stock valuation report split by site to enable more accurate per-site reporting & valuations

@james-matamala I understand from my colleague, James, that this request is important to you.

Can you please advise if you’re looking for this report on a per-site or per-location basis (as per Breww’s meaning of these terms)?

I presume per-site is what’s important as a per-location report would have to result in many more lines and probably doesn’t add any beneficial information, but I wanted to double-check with you before making any assumptions.


Hi @luke ,

Thanks so much for reaching out to me on this. Greatly appreciated and a great example of the solid customer service from Breww.

You are totally correct. Just sites please. The ability to filter a spreadsheet to seperate out stock at both sites would be very handy when doing monthly financial stocktakes. Basically just adding another column on the export file. No need to bother with locations really.

Hope thats an easy fix.

Thanks again


Thanks James. We appreciate your kind words.

I’ll see what strings I can pull with the team. Fortunately, it’s National Coffee Drinking Day, so that might help :coffee:

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Good news all, this feature is now available :tada:

Any stock valuations run from now will store a breakdown of the valuation by site, which is also included in the Excel export of the data.

We hope that helps, but as always, any feedback is welcome!

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