Sorting ingredient and stock items per batch and within batches

Hello, I was working on categorizing recipes for certain products and batches and thought it could be a big time save if it were possible to sort ingredients and stock items tied to a specific batch by the specified headers already in breww (e.g., instead of looking through ingredients to find different kinds of malt or cans, one click would sort them). This feature could include an A to Z filter (similar to excel filters) or sorting by the smallest/largest value for each item by clicking on the respective header (e.g., ingredients, batch number, expiry date, quantity added, cost, recipe stage, and cost per UOM. Cheers.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Gregor, I can see how this could be really useful.

If anyone else would find this useful, please give this thread a vote using the button in the top-left as this will help to push it up the priority list :+1: