Show “Theoretical Max” as a column on the “All products list” tab


I know when you dispatch an order that is made up of multiple items e.g. 24x440ml cans Breww will assemble it form 1x440ml cans if the 24x ones are not available which is great but one thing I have noticed is this doesn’t happen until the items are assigned to the order.

When we create drafts or have confirmed orders the “Qty Available” number for 24x items are negative and the “Qty Available” number for the 1x440ml items doesn’t come down by the number of 24x on order at this point. It makes it hard to see exactly how many you have available.

I have ticked all the auto assemble/disassemble option in delivery setting but cant see a way to do it. Maybe another box or option to make the “Qty Available” option show that actual amount left assuming all orders are fulfilled? It can also have a sub option to include or not include draft orders if that is useful for some people to keep separated.

Alternatively is there is an option to auto-assign items to orders at creation that would resolve it too.

Thanks for the suggestion, Adam.

It sounds like the “Theoretical max” number is the one that you’re looking for here. This will look at all outstanding orders and any pending assemblies/assignments to give you a better reflection of the available stock. You can see more information on how this works in this guide:

Can you confirm if this covers what you’re looking for or if there is something else needed? Thank you.

Hi Luke,

This number is correct when clicking into each individual products but I would like to see it on the “All products list” page. That way I can see all cans at the same time.

Sorry, I don’t think that I was clear about that in the original post.

Having the “Theoretical Max” as a column on the “All products list” would be great.

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No worries and thanks for confirming. We’ll see what we can do :+1:

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