Routine cleaning tasks

Hi, we have a weekly cleaning schedule for our vessel exteriors. It would help us get rid of a sheet of paper if breww had a simple visual available ( like the showerhead for CIP) for the cleaning schedule that didn’t block the tanks but let you see at a glance which ones have been cleaned and which are still to do.

Thanks for the suggestion.

It is already possible to have non-blocking cleaning records and when outstanding these will be shown at the bottom of the Production Dashboard screen, but there’s not currently a visual indicator that there’s one of these outstanding on the vessel (like the showerhead). Would this be useful? We could look at adding an orange showerhead icon for a non-blocking cleaning task and the red one for a blocking task?

Thanks, I see that. The way we use breww in the production side the screen with the vessels on is the default screen, it would be great if there was an at a glance visual on the vessel to show it’s time for an external clean. I know it’s not hard to scroll down the screen to see the list but it is a barrier compared to an at a glance visual cue.

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