Round up product prices


Is it possible to round product prices to two decimal places by default? We have increased our prices percentage-wise starting 2024 and some products now have 3 decimal places. Would be nicer if Breww automatically rounded these to a preset number of decimal places.
Can you set that somewhere?


I think that’s a setting on the price list template (to two figures)

True, that is indeed on a price list, but on the invoice it is then still 3 or more decimal places. I would like to have the same option with Price books. So that the product price on the invoice also has two decimal places.

Ah, gotcha. Books should have a rounding option. That would be really useful.

Jon is right, you can do this with a ‘Price list’ but not on your invoices with price books.
We have a feature request for a similar, albeit slightly overkill for what you want, idea which would solve it for you (as we would build this without the need to define a ‘round to the nearest’ figure and with a number of decimal places option). Please give it a vote!

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Thanks! I will give it a vote!