Return Keg Deposits

Hi all!

Is there a better way to return keg deposits that I’m not realizing? We have a $30 refundable credit on all our kegs and every time we get one back I have to allocate credit note to order–create credit note–create the note or click return keg deposits-- then finalize the note-- then allocate to the order. It is about 11 clicks in all to return a keg deposit to an invoice, is there a better way for this that I’m missing? If not I’d love to suggest a more efficient way of returning keg deposits.

Thank you all!!

Hi Johanna, thanks for your comment. Provided that the kegs have already been returned, you will be able to return the deposit to the customer on their next order by selecting the Return container deposits button on the order. You can find this button on the order page when the order is in a status of Draft, where you add your items to an order. Cheers!

Thanks Ben! We delivery the order and then credit the empties picked up to the same order that day, is there anyway to select return container deposits on the main screen when using this method? Or Breww can this be added for people who handle empties this way?

Hi Johanna, thanks for your reply! Currently, there isn’t a dedicated feature to do this; however, there is a workaround to handle this. If you head to the Return container deposits on the invoice being delivered feature request, my colleague Luke has commented on how you can handle this. If you could also vote on this and add any additional comments, that would be great! Cheers.

Hi Ben, awesome! Thanks for sending this my way.

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