Return container deposits on the invoice being delivered

Hi All!

We just started working with Breww…

In our previous software we could fill in het amount of returnable kegs on the same invoice so our customers could directly see what we took from them.
This way the invoice is always completly up to date
In Breww you can only do it after you completed the delivery this means it will be put on the next invoice which is very strange for us…
Maybe it’s because we are Dutch
Or maybe more people find this strange

Thanks, Jorrit

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Thanks, Jorrit.

This is a great suggestion and something we’ve been discussing on another thread. We do plan to implement this feature, and I think it’s best to close that other thread in favour of this one, as this one is much shorter and more specific to this request.

There is also a “workaround” for how you can do this in Breww currently, but I do agree that it’s more labour-intensive than would be ideal to do this at the moment.

Please please please implement this! Similar to Jorrit, in France it is bizarre for customers to have returns on the next invoice.

Credit notes work ok but they are not great for our customers and cause a lot of confusion.


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Hi Luke,

Glad to hear this is nearly ready to go live? Please keep us updated!


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Hey Luke,

Any updates on this? cheers

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Hey Tim, this was started and nearly completed, and then we got pulled off it and onto something else, but it’s due to be picked back up imminently. It shouldn’t be too far away :pray:

Hey Luke, mega! thanks for the update

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