Report stock on hand by batch/gyle

Hi, I just want to see what stock we have on hand per gyle, but I can’t find how to do it.
I’m sure this is straightforward, so if anyone can point me to it that’d be great.
I found the stock on hand report, but it won’t tell me what batch/gyle the beers are. We often have multiple gyles of the same beer on site, so at the end of the month I need to be able to check what stock we have, to make sure that the correct stock has been picked and delivered.
Can someone point me towards this?

Hey Bob,

Thanks for raising this on the community! While we don’t currently have a dedicated report for “Stock on Hand by Batch,” we have a workaround that might help. In the Products section, under Tools and Reports, you can use the “Products Expiring Soon” report.

To simulate a Stock on Hand by Batch report, you can set the end date of the report to a far future date. This will give you an overview of all stock you have on hand by batch. However, I think long-term having a more specific report for stock on hand by batch would be more convenient. Would you mind raising a feature request for this functionality so our dev team can review it and see whether they could add this in the future?

Let me know if you have any questions at all.