Report on COGS by Customer Type and Product (or Product Type)?

Hi – I’m really trying to match up my COGS with specific revenue buckets such that I can look at Gross Profit for each individual part of the business (Taproom, Wholesale, Distribution, etc) but in order for me to do this, I need the COGS data broken down further than what the Stock Valuation report tells me. The Margin by Invoice Report gets me some of the data but its still not granular enough.

What I need is a report that I can run each month (or period) that gives me the following information;
Customer Type (or Customer Name)
Product (or Product Type)
Total Cost

From there, I can make some journal entries in my accountancy app (Xero) to further break out the Beer Sold category to it’s individual components based on Customer Type and Product Type (Keg, Multi-Pack, etc).

Is there a way to create this report today that I just haven’t figured out?

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for raising this on the community! Currently, there is not a report that does exactly what you need. The COGS report or the Margin reports are the closest, but none include all of those listed fields. I would suggest posting this as a feature request so it lands with the right team to review.