Report feature not working as expected

Hi all,

Trying to use the report function to show volume successful versus volume lost and other metrics reported against vessel names. Currently when I am running a Beer produced (rackings) report it allows me the option to add vessel name as a column and to seperate by vessel names but it is not showing any data once I select these filters, the fields of view columns for vessel name is also showing blanks.

On the production page I have confirmed the names of the vessels are there.

Is there any way I can compare beers produced over different vessels?



Thanks for the question, Gary.

Are you using the Raw data explorer (you see the results in a table), or the Custom report builder (you see the results as a graph)? Without knowing which report you’re using and what exactly you’ve entered into the report options, I can’t really say what the problem is, sorry.

If you can paste your BrewwQL filter here, that might shed some light, or if you’re using the Raw data explorer, you can generate a share code to share all the report filters/fields with us.


Hi Luke,

see below:


In my mind what I am trying to do is group the beer by name, volume successful, volume lost and then vessel name. If you can share any insight I would be grateful :slight_smile:


Hi Gary,
This is because the ‘vessel_to’ field is always blank for rackings, so your BrewwQL filter will filter out all results here. The rackings data shares a lot of code with other actions on a batch (such as transfers), and the ‘vessel_to’ field isn’t relevant for the racking action, only for actions like transfers. I agree it’s confusing that it’s shown as an option here, even though it’ll always be blank. We’ll remove this as an option to save future confusion.

It’s not possible right now to see which vessel the racking was from, only the batch. Is it imperative to view the vessel? If not, we have a few pre-built reports that might be helpful for you, such as ‘Completed batch yields’ or ‘Initial product by batch’. You could export the data and group by batch.

I hope this is helpful and clears things up.

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Thanks for the response Matt, this is a useful report. In terms of the vessel, we have a couple of 20HL, 10HL and legacy vessels in use to was more of an interest report to see if there was any patterns in yield between different tanks used so we could generate some data backed evidence to show it would be better to brew certain beers in certain tanks due to differences in yield.

Ah I see, do you tend to brew the same beer in the same vessel? If so, you can get the beer name from both those reports (and the raw data report), so you could use that to determine the vessel.