Relate gyle numbers to sales/invoices in reporting


I am trying to link together which gyles products came from in each sale. I don’t mind if I have to join 2 reports together to get the info but I cant find any reports that have common data to allow me to do this.

Is this currently possible, if not can it be added? All the data already exists in the Breww, just a case of linking it together.

I have also needed this and struggled to find a suitable report (or combination of reports) in the past. Essentially adding invoice numbers to the “Distribution by batch and product” report would, I think, do the job.

Alternatively, in situations where you do already have a particular gyle in mind the “Batch distribution” report is very useful. In case you weren’t already aware of that one!


Its surprising that there isn’t a way to do this. If there was an ingredient recall or similar then it would be a nightmare to impossible to know where problem packages have gone if it was a beer made regularly.

Luckily I don’t need it for that but I think this is an area that has a real gap in Breww.

That report does get me most of the way there, thanks for this.

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@adam-henderson Have you seen the Ingredient Recall tool, which should make processing these as easy as possible? It allows you to choose an ingredient and enter a batch number and it will find all beer batches that used that batch of ingredient and show you to whom the resulting beer was delivered. This can be found in InventoryTools & optionsIngredient recall.

The “Distribution by batch and product” report can also be grouped by customer (with a tick box) to allow you to see who received the product.

There is also the “Batch distribution report” which allows you to choose a beer batch and see every order that it has been delivered to.

Do these reports cover what you need? If not, what would you like the inputs for a new report to be and what columns would you like to see in the result? Thank you.

Ah, didn’t know that was there.

The distribution by batch can pretty much get me what I want but the recall button is good to know.


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