Ingredient Use Reporting Request

Hi. Could there a way to produce a report to show how much of a specific ingredient is used over a time period? E.g. to see how much Mosaic T90 we’ve used over the last year? It would be particularly useful for planning hop/malt contracts etc.
Cheers Joe

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This is also a necessity for us and forms part of our weekly reporting requirements.
We would need to be able to report on which ingredients have been used (hops/ malt/ packaging materials etc.) by batch. Including;

  • date used (including date dry hopped if a dry hop)
  • ingredient batch number
  • quantity
  • stage in process (i.e. hot side or dry hop for hops)
  • stock item type
  • product & product code (for packaging materials)
  • cost

I have an example report format I can share.


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Hi Linda

I absolutely agree with you and to be honest being new to Breww, i am shocked it is not already there. How can you verify a monthly p+l report when you cant breakdown your costs. If either of the COGS or the sales margin reports could be adapted to show cost by individual categories, we would have a lot more control over our margins

Thanks, everyone.

We’ve just launched a new Raw Data Explorer report named Stock item usage in beer batches. Can you take a look at this and let us know if this covers what you’re looking for?

Being a Raw Data Explorer report, you get shown the default columns initially but have lots of control over which columns you’d like to show if you want to customise this.

Cheers :beers:

We’ll assume this is covering what’s needed as we haven’t heard otherwise, so I’ll close this as complete. Cheers