"Receives Purchase Orders" tag

I’d like to select which contact at a supplier receives purchase orders emailed from Breww.

For some suppliers we have a general email address, and a different email address that we send orders to.

Currently, Breww uses the company email address when you send a purchase order.

If we had a “Receives Purcahse Orders” tag (like the “Receives Invoice Emails” tag) that we could apply to a contact within the company then this would solve it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. At the moment, Breww will follow the exact same process for Purchase Order email addresses as it does for Invoice emails. This means that if you apply the “Receives Invoice Emails” tag to your suppliers and/or their contacts, this will apply to your PO emails too.

Hopefully, this covers what you need, but if you have a business that is both a supplier to you and a customer of yours and they need emails to be sent to different contacts, please do let us know as in that case we would need to add a “Receives Purchase Orders” tag to allow you to differentiate.


Thanks Luke, I didn’t realise that tag would work for purchase orders. That’s useful, but I do think it would be handy to have a “Receives Purchase Orders” tag as well so we can choose different emails for certain contacts.


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