How can I specify which customer email addresses will receive invoice emails

Breww can be configured to automatically email invoices to your customers when you invoice or complete an order/delivery. You can also manually email these invoices to your customers.

In both cases, Breww will need to know which email addresses to use. In the case of manually sent invoices, these emails will become the default in the form and you’ll have the option to amend them before pressing send.

The process for us choosing the emails to send the invoice to is as follows:

  • If the customer (organisation) is tagged as Receives invoice emails and has a primary email, add this email.
  • If there are any contacts with the tag Receives invoice emails, add those emails.
  • If the customer is part of a customer group, and this group has a contact email, add this email.
  • Finally, if the above steps didn’t result in any email addresses, then use the organisation’s primary email address.

Here’s a guide on how to add this tag to a contact:

For more information on enabling automatic emails, please see this conversation:

It’s also possible to set on a per-customer basis if you’d like the customer to follow your account-wide setting for automatic invoice emailing, or to override your account default:

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 5.17.39 pm

Hiya, the secondary invoice contacts that are marked here, do they get pulled through to Xero or is just the primary?

Welcome to the community Luci and thanks for getting in touch.

We’ll upload all contacts to Xero where they have the “Receives invoice emails” tag mentioned in the article above. If you would like another contact in Xero, I would advise adding the “Receives invoice emails” tag to that contact by following the clip above.