Racking QC features?

Hello, it would be very nice to be able to log some QC checks during racking, for instance, when when racking kegs and cans we monitor c02 levels and dissolved oxygen levels to check that they are within a set specification for the beer. There could also be a sales approval set up, like the current packaging approval to state that the beer is acceptable for sales only when all packaging is with acceptable specifications


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Thanks for the suggestions, John.

How would the QC checks during racking need to differ from the current “Packaging approvals” process?

For a sales approval process, we’d normally recommend using Delayed racking releases. Have you seen this feature, and what extras/differences would you like to see here?


well…packaging approvals, as i see it, is just approving that the beer is withingspecification in order to pack, but during the racking process there are opportunities for the beer to become out of spec, due to either the inline carbonation being at the wrong level, or ingress from oxygen somewhere in the packing process causing a DO level to become out of spec. Whilst running a racking of cans for instance, we check a number of sample cans through the run to ensure that this isn’t happening. Only then, if there are no issues does it get released to sales

Thanks, John. I understand better now.

We’ve already got a request for Sensory tracking & quality control (QC) records during/post packaging when batch is complete, which I think should cover this (feel free to add extra comments to that thread if you think it needs more). Please can you also give that thread a vote?

I’ll close this thread now to keep all the votes and discussions in one place. Thank you :+1:

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