Quality Gates between departments

Breww has a packaging approval before a product can be racked however it would be very useful if this could be broken down further so the brewery has a approval list that has to be completed before the liquid can be moved into a MV, the tank farm has to have a approval list before it can be packaged and then the packaging has a approval list before it can be racked.

Also have the packaging approval more customisable so we can set exactly what we need our teams to check.

Finally is there a report that can be run from the packaging approval entries?

Thanks for the suggestions, Jamie.

This is a great suggestion. It could work well with Sensory tracking & quality control (QC) records during/post packaging when batch is complete so I’m linking these together.

Please can you post this as it’s own feature request? We cannot handle multiple separate requests on a single thread, sorry. For more on why, please see I’ve got lots of ideas. Shall I post one big request?

Not currently, but feel free to post a feature request for this too.

Thank you :smile: