Purchase order cost entry upgrade

While entering items for purchase orders the only fields available apart from the actual item name are the quantity (either “each” or “weight” or what-have-you) and price-per-unit, be it weight or each.

Quite often we get priced per package as in sacks of malt that come in 25 kg sacks and are priced per sack.
Or boxes of hops that come priced per box, rather than priced per kilo.

Can the purchase order entry be upgraded so that you can enter a total cost for the weight entered and Breww calculates the cost per unit for you in the entry field window?
This would save a lot of time with me at my calculator trying to figure out if the weight per unit is accurate when a simple total cost could be entered instead.


Thanks for the suggestion, Henry.

Are you looking for Entering Pricing for Line Items on a Purchase Order/Inventory Receipt, as coincidentally, that feature was launched yesterday :smile:

If that’s not quite the same, could you please clarify? Are you looking to enter a price per supplier pack size instead of price per line? Thank you.

Yes, that’s exactly what I am talking about.


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