Entering Pricing for Line Items on a Purchase Order/Inventory Receipt

When I receive an inventory receipt from my suppliers, the line item pricing is never at the UOM level but at the order size level. This requires alot of unnecessary math to be performed outside of the application in order to derive the correct UOM price. It would be nice if there was an easier way to either enter the total line item price (probably the easiest/best way) or the order size level price and have the app do all the necessary math behind the scene.


When I enter a line item on a PO for 2-Row 55# bags, I enter it as 10 bags. When I receive those 10 bags along with the supplier’s invoice, the pricing on that line item is displayed as a per bag price as well as the total price for the line item (per bag price x 10 bags). The inventory receipt screen wants me to enter the per lb price (the set UOM) for the line item.

It would also be helpful to see the total number of order size items on the inventory receipt screen (so 10 bags in my example) to compare it against the supplier’s invoice. I don’t want to have to do the math (ex 55 lbs x 10 bags = 550 lbs) to double check that I received what I ordered.

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Thanks, for putting this forward, Christopher, this is a great suggestion :+1:

Great news, this has now been completed :boom:

You can now choose to enter either the per unit price or the total price for the line, and Breww will calculate and display the other figure for you.

We hope this makes life easier, but please let us know any feedback!

Woohoo! I can’t wait to try it out. No more alt-tabbing back and forth between the supplier invoice, calculator and breww!


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