Process for distilling

Just wondering if anyone has a good process for distilling?

We buy in neutral grain spirit, a certain quantity goes into the still with the addition of water to hit a known volume and abv% (this would be in the recipe - two ingredients, NGS and Water with the right L amounts).

This is then distilled, producing a set volume of distillate at a measured abv. This is then stored in various containers (more than one per distillation - I’ve set these up in Breww). These containers are then stored, before being diluted to a known abv with the addition of spring water, before that final liquid is packaged using stock items etc.

I’m struggling to transfer from the still into multiple vessels, and then unsure how to track abv throughout the process of dilution, and then bottling.

Any suggestions or ideas how this could be done would be welcome!


As a work around - to transfer out of the “brewing” system into multiple vessels we have a “Dummy” (fictitious) vessel set up in breww with a volume larger than the sum of the (in our case 2) actual vessels we’ll be transferring into.

(as suggested here: How to transfer a single turn batch into multiple fermenters - Help docs & tutorials / Production - Breww Community)
Transfer Turn 1 from Brewhouse to DUMMY.
Transfer (some volume) from DUMMY to FV 1.
Transfer (the rest) from DUMMY to FV 2.

I suspect you can manage your abv / dilution thing with “calculated fields”. You’d need to tag the starting abv & added volume in your recipe. Then enter the appropriate formula somewhere.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for raising this on the community! Yes, @jon-kyme2 is absolutely right; the best process currently to split out into multiple vessels from your “brewing” system is by first transferring a dummy vessel. Using a calculated field to work out your ABV would, I should think, be possible, but this will not actually carry through to the end batch, so this might not be ideal, especially where Breww is calculating duty. It might be best when moving batches from the “dummy” vessel to make these splits into their own batches (This will present as an option when transferring partial volume from one vessel to another); you can then select edit batch, change the “beer/drink” to the end product drink and enter a custom specified ABV.

All the above being said, we are keen to expand our production suite to cater more specifically to distilling in the future, but there isn’t yet a formal feature request on the community (though it is very much part of our plan), but it would be great to start the discussion and hear from users like yourself what is important to you with distillery functionality, so if you wouldn’t mind raising a feature request for
a Distillery production suite, and let us know what you would like to see. I think this will really start some momentum for getting this in place and some good discussions with users and our dev team.

If you have any other questions at all, please let us know!

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