PO status showing fully receipted linked to draft IR not added to stock

I’ve converted a PO to a draft inventory receipt so it shows on the list ready for any of the brew floor team to mark as arrived (without searching multiple places to see if PO exists and so we can add batch data often e-mailed pre receipt of goods) however when I do this the PO show as fully receipted even though IR not added to stock??
Am I using this feature wrong?
I’m thinking that will be misleading for our purchase team to see fully receipted when draft IR made, and if I don’t create the draft IR showing expected goods inbound or with the batch details it will be harder for the brew floor team to manage/raise a goods in/IR as they don’t have the back office data or know what is from a PO and what isn’t.
Any tips or real life use considerations appreciated.
Thank you

You’re not doing anything wrong and this is how Breww was intended to work (but, of course, we welcome feedback on how you think it could be improved). As soon as the draft IR is generated for the full amount, this does show the PO as fully receipted.

If you view the PO itself, there is a section labelled “Items received (via inventory receipts)”. This should give you the breakdown of how much is on Draft vs “Added to stock” IRs, by way of the “Quantity delivered” and “Quantity pending delivery” columns.

Would you prefer to see a different status of the PO to indicate that all stock from the PO is on a draft IR? At the moment, the possible receipt statuses for a PO are:

  • Nothing receipted
  • Under receipted
  • Fully receipted
  • Over receipted
  • Nothing receipted & closed
  • Under receipted & closed

(The “closed” part indicates that you’ve told Breww not to expect any more to arrive.)

We could probably add another status of something like “Fully receipted with draft” to indicate that all was on IRs, but there was at least one of those IRs is still in draft - if this would be useful?

Thank you :smile: