Planned Packaging - schedule just the date?

We would like to use the planned Packaging feature, but as we currently have to assign the amounts and products already when setting a date we often decide not to.

Often when planning we just want to lock down a week/date for quick overview for production and sales planning, without going through the motions of making products and deciding on numbers as we will often finalise them in the week of packaging anyway. Also with the recent shortages we often have to decide last minute in which container a product will be racked.

Seems easy to set up - so I hope this would that be possible?

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m not sure that removing the product (and therefore quantity and volume) from a planned packaging is the right route. At this point, it’s just an event and is so far from a planned packaging. A lot of things in Breww look at planned packaging, such as stock forecasting, pre-selling and more (and would therefore all need changing if the product was no longer a part of a planned packaging).

We’ve another suggestion to simply be able to add events to batches/dates and show them on the calendar and as a tick list. I think this would be better suited to what you’re looking for here?

What do you think?

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