Planned packaging not showing as available


we have pre sold a number of items from a brew in progress, i have entered a planned packaging in order to try to ascertain how much we will have left of this batch after sales are accounted for. Breww is still showing that i have -4 available, when it should be a +ve figure

please help

Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. Your available stock represents your in-stock figure (the stock you currently have) less the amount committed to orders. Whilst you can place orders based on planned packagings, this will not impact the available figures shown on a product, as the stock is not yet in stock. You should be able to get a more accurate picture of these future stock levels through the Stock availability forecast, which will consider both planned packagings and scheduled orders. Let me know if you need anything else. Cheers!

Paul, there’s a Feature Request that might interest you:
Improvements to Planned packaging and delayed racking release stock control (allow overselling if stock will be available in time) - Ideas & feature requests - Breww Community

So, what do we need to do to get this actioned ? As we get busier, this becomes ever more important, it would help massively with brew scheduling and stock forecasting, which at present doesn’t reflect planned packagings at all, just shows negative stock levels

All we can do is whinge. And vote.