Partial order dispatch / part delivering orders


Fairly certain there’s not a way to do this at the moment - support for partial dispatched orders?

Example - I have an order for two pallets of bottles, which the customer want dispatched as they’re packaged, so one pallet sent day 1, one sent day 2. They’ve paid proforma so the order has been invoiced, and they don’t want multiple invoices for the order. A way of dispatching half and then half would be useful - currently no way as far as I’m aware to dispatch anything as BREWW won’t allow dispatch unless fully assigned.

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Thanks, Harry, you’re right, there isn’t a way to split an order/invoice over multiple deliveries just yet.

You can, for now, assign some stock for the first delivery and then would need to wait until all the stock was assigned before the delivery could be completed.

This is a great suggestion and I’m sure will pick up plenty of votes as it’s been mentioned before - but never got its place in the feature requests section. If anyone else would find this useful, please give this a vote using the button in the top-left. Thanks!


We would like the option to partially invoice an order, as some customers reserve stock so need that on their order but take the stock weekly.


Thanks for the suggestion, Jessica. I’m merging this with a related request. If you can give this thread a vote, that would be helpful for pushing up the priority list. Cheers :+1:

Just a quick follow-up, maybe Improved management of pre-orders and reservations would be another good (possibly even better) solution for this? If so, please give that a vote too. Thanks.