Overfilling Fermenters/Brites

Is there a way to “overfill” a vessel? In particular, fermenters and brites. Our fermenters have a working capacity of 465 gallons but we routinely put 500 gallons into them because they have a “true” volume that is 25% more than that. Breww doesn’t seem to allow overfilling of vessels though. Anyone doing this or know of a work around other than increasing the size of your tanks?

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for posting! In the scenario, I would suggest the best solution would be to amend the vessel capacity up to the usable volume of 500 gallons rather than the working capacity set at 465 gallons. You can always underfill in Breww but never overfill. You can edit the capacity of existing vessels as long as they are empty by navigating to production > View > Vessels and selecting edit on any vessels you want to change. If there is a specific reason editing the vessel capacity is not an option, let us know so we can look into it for you.