One frees - cumulative retros/loyalty discount/scheme (e.g. get one free for every 10 purchased)

Would like to see ‘one frees’ on a cumulative basis.

Example, we set up a deal with a bar to get a free keg every 20 they order as a retro. After say six orders the system works out we owe them one and tells us they’re due a free one and do we want to give it to them.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your message and your suggestion! If anyone else thinks this feature would be useful to them, please vote for the feature using the button above.

I’ll update you here if we have some progress to share.



can you create something so that Breww can record customers progress on say a 7+1 deal? And then Breww notify the person putting the order on if they are due a free cask for example?

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It will shortly be possible to set up an automatic discount like this per order only. The ability to have a 7+1 deal across different orders would certainly be possible and would be a good addition to Breww, but will have to come after we release the initial price books update. I’ve moved this post over to the feature requests section so we can track the votes for the feature request.

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I think this is a good idea, is there any work around at the moment people are using?

We’d use the private alert note to keep a track of what offer individual outlets have, and then a running total of delivered products but it’s not very user friendly.



This is exactly what we are looking for. Wondering in which phase this is right now (with reference to the initial price book update)?


Great to hear that this is what you’re looking for, Mike. This hasn’t been given a scheduled start date yet, so I can’t really give any indication as to when this is likely to be implemented, but if the votes keep coming in, this will help keep it moving up the priority list. Cheers :+1:

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The feature would be very handy, we have a lot of Retro agreements in place (mostly groups), and having something that tracked and automatically implemented them would be a great help.


This would be extremely useful as currently we are reliant on manually working it out which creates a lot of work.


@matt-cousins @luke is there any further update on this? We would also like this feature, currently having to work it out manually.

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I’m sorry, but there’s no update to report on this yet. We’ve been busy working on other requests, but do hope to get to this in the future. Please make sure you have voted for it (if you haven’t already).

Please see How do I know if there’s been an update on a feature request?

Thank you :smile:

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