New type of 'stock adjustment' reason

We will typically print too many labels before a racking run, to ensure the packaging team aren’t forever running upstairs to print more. The reasons given behind stock adjusting the surplus labels down do not contain an obvious one for when you simply print too many labels. It would also be great if the equivalent volume was then released back into the tank when this option was selected, so that we could accurately account for our yield, or if we decided to package into a different format, Breww would allow us to do so with the remaining volume.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Neil.

What you’re suggesting is actually really complicated behind the scenes (it’s far from just another reason in the list). You will also be recording losses of beer in your “Lost & spoiled records” (which HMRC require you to keep) when do remove beer just because you have too many labels, and of course, as you say this will not put the beer back into the vessels.

As an alternative, instead of actually putting the racking in Breww before it’s been done, could you create a planned packaging to print the labels from, then rack the beer (in real life) and finally tell Breww what was actually racked?

I think this might be a simpler process for you to do and it should be fully possible within Breww already (and doesn’t come with the issues of not putting the volume back in the vessel or triggering Lost & spoiled records). It’s worth noting however that this will not print NR numbers or barcodes on the labels, so cannot be used if you need these on the labels. See How to print stock (racking/packaging) labels for more information.

Would this alternative flow for printing the labels work for you? And if not, what’s the reason (there might be an easier/faster change to make compared to what you’ve originally suggested)? Thanks again for the suggestion and helping us make Breww even better.