More pain after our onboarding

After ending up (I don’t know how) with multiple container types with the same ids(?) (which caused some odd problems). It looks as though we’ve got a similar situation with some products…

e.g. We appear to have “Lakeland Brewhouse Blonde - Single bottle” with a stock level of 1160.

We also have multipacks eg “Lakeland Brewhouse Blonde - 12 x 500ml Bottle”
Which has as a component:
Lakeland Brewhouse Blonde - 500ml Bottle

This (the “500ml bottle”, rather than “Single bottle”) Isn’t showing up at all on our setup, anywhere that I can see.

Unfortunately, the staff member who did the onboarding has left, so I’m not sure what happened here. And there’s no obvious way for me to find out any other instances of this, or similar issues.

Any ideas?

Please could you open a support ticket and provide access to your account? I can then investigate what might be going on here for you.

Cheers, Matt

Thank you. Have done.

Not an issue. I’ve got it now. Thanks for your help.

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Although, as was pointed out to me in the helpful support ticket “The product name and its components are completely separate. […] On the stock take, you’ll see products by name, not components.”

But don’t we want to see components on a stock take? There’s no reason why we’d want to count multipacks that don’t exist (except theoretically) - and what about alias products? (or is that allowed for?) Sometimes (not often) we have unlabelled bottles which might not even have a (final) product name yet.

There won’t be anything theoretical on your stock take. The stock take will only show products you actually have in stock, not what you could theoretically create from other stock. This is the ‘In stock’ figure in this article - Understanding stock levels (quantity in stock & available numbers) for products. This allows you to record which formats your stock is assembled in; otherwise, all this information would be lost during a stock take. I hope this makes sense.

As for alias products, these share the stock with the base product, so won’t show on the stock take themselves. All stock will show as the base product. Derived products, however, have a separate stock level and will therefore show on the stock take.