More cc and reply-to email fields for Purchase Orders, invoices, credit notes

Can we add additional reply-to, cc and bcc fields to the Breww generated emails (both in the settings and in the prompt box)?

For purchase orders it would be convenient to have our production manager be the reply-to email, while not overriding the reply-to email for invoices and credit notes. It would also be convenient to include a cc or bcc field so that accounts, or sales, can be included on the email chains, but not be the default reply-to address.


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestions here.
We have actually just added a reply-to field in the prompt box, which is in review right now, and should be live soon. I’ll discuss with the team about adding a cc and bcc field too.


Hi Ben,

Good news! You can now add a default reply-to, cc and bcc email(s) in Settings > Email settings, as well as overriding these defaults in the prompt box. This is for invoices, purchase orders, credit notes and delivery notes.
I hope this is useful!