Merging EEbria Customers

Prior to the Eebria integration, we had Eebria already setup as a customer within Breww, with the automatic integration customer, now we have two. In terms of reporting & keeping things tidy, we would prefer they were one customer.

Does anyone know if we merge the new Eebria Integration customer with our existing Eebria customer if that will work ok, or will odd things start occuring?

You should be all good to merge the two EeBria customers together and all new EeBria orders will go onto the account of the resulting customer :+1: Thanks

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I’ve tried doing this but it just comes up with the 502 Bad Gateway each time. Could you have a look when you get chance please?

Thanks, Ben, this sounds like it’s timing out (probably lots of transactions, etc on the customers involved). I’m sorry about this.

We’ll look into this and let you know when it’s sorted :+1:

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Hey Ben, the merge tool now processes changes in such a way that it’s not going to fall foul of timeouts. If you have any other trouble, please let us know, but you should be all good now. Cheers :beer:

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