Eebria Integration Issue

Got my API really quickly and it’s been working like a dream until today.

Has anyone had any issues with it? It keeps disabling the integration saying:

“EeBria rejected our access to your account.”

I haven’t changed anything and it just kicks me off when I try to re-enable it. I’ve emailed the Eebria team about this already and they just say to re-enable it which doesn’t work for very long.

Thanks for the message, Sean. You’re right, something seems to have gone wrong on EeBria’s end meaning that EeBria are often rejecting our requests as “Forbidden”, which causes Breww to disable the connection. We’re not sure why they’ve started doing this, but it’s not just your account which is affected.

We’re urgently implementing a workaround now to keep retrying requests until they succeed, as they’ll reject our requests for a bit and then suddenly all will be well again. We’re also ensuring that all connections that get disabled for this reason will be automatically re-enabled periodically to ensure data on orders and stock levels keeps flowing both ways.

Thanks for your patience with this and I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Thanks Luke,

Feels like everything has been fixed now. It’s only happened once in the pas week.

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