Make CRM activities editable

It would be great to be able to edit the activities you record against Leads and Customers. It’s very easy to select the wrong date/activity and make mistakes generally, so not being able to edit or delete them is frustrating.

I’m not sure why other key functions are editable but not this one.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Chess.

It might sound a bit silly, but every single “edit” function needs to be built - there’s no magic “enable editing for everything” setting (but now you’ve got me thinking :thinking:). Historically, when building new features, we were not as good at making sure everything was editable as we are now, so we have been gradually backfilling editing functionality throughout the older features of Breww.

It’s really helpful to have requests like this as we don’t always realise where you’re missing this sort of functionality (as we don’t use Breww in quite the same way as you do). We’ll see what we can do for you :+1:

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Agreed, very frustrating not to be able to edit notes made in recorded activity when a mistake is made.

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This is not a voting item… please add an edit button. This is standard for CRM and a simple tool to add.

Thanks, and look forward to editing “activities”

Thanks for your comments and welcome to the Breww Community. Voting is important on all requests, including this one, as they help us to prioritise what is most important to you. We have a finite (but growing) amount of development resources and, therefore, should we spend our time building this edit button or should we be building a brand new feature that you’d get even more benefit from? You can answer this question for us (and help us make Breww even better for you) with your votes, so thank you for voting for this.

As it happens, we agree that this is important, and this was built recently. It is pending the final review and testing stages, so it should be deployed and ready for use very soon. I’ll follow up here to confirm when it’s complete :smile:

For more information on how we manage feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙

Good news, we’ve got this over the line today :+1:

Good to see this arrive! Would we be able to get a delete button on there at some point in the future?

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