Leads/Contacts - can't edit or delete activity?

Hi, I can’t find anywhere to edit or delete activity in the CRM, does this exist?
I have entered some activities with the wrong dates and want to amend them.

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for getting in touch.

It isn’t currently possible to edit or delete activity in the CRM on Breww but I’ve moved your post over to the feature requests section of the community so that other breweries can vote for this feature. If anyone else would also like to be able to edit or delete activity in the CRM, please vote for it using the button above.

I will update you if there are any developments on this.



Thanks. Seems bizarre that if you make a mistake you’re stuck with it currently.

Apologies, this wasn’t merged with Make CRM activities editable before - they should have been. The good news is that you can now edit and delete activities :+1:

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