Issues with Extracting Yeast from Existing Batch

Hi there, I successfully added yeast from my recipe (also part of my stock items) to the batch I was brewing (as seen in the attached snapshot). However, when I went to extract the yeast post fermentation into a yeast brink, Breww doesn’t recognize that yeast - error message “No yeast batches have been used in this batch or in batches merged into it, so this will create a new yeast batch.”

Am I doing something wrong?

Did you create (start) a yeast batch from your stock yeast item?
Yeast/ingredient batch management - Help docs & tutorials / Production - Breww Community

Hey Jon, I did not. Is that proper protocol after adding the stock yeast item?

Yeah, I think that’s the idea. But I guess you’ll be perfectly fine “extracting” the yeast (to your brink) and creating the yeast batch (a new batch) at that point (it’ll be generation 1 rather than 0).

I don’t suppose it really matters, but I assume that’s what the “No yeast batches have been used” message is about.

That makes total sense. I’m assuming this is the case with Lacto and any other ingredients that will be reused. Appreciate your help!

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Creating the batch (with the stock item) before using it for the first time helps with the traceability and costing. If that’s important to you.

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For sure, that makes sense. Assuming that’s mostly for Yeast/Lacto etc that is intended to be reused.