Yeast/ingredient batch management

Breww provides you with tools to help manage your yeast batches, including the ability to crop, pitch and measure and report on cell counts over generations.

Starting a yeast batch

You can start a yeast batch in one of two ways:

  1. Started from existing yeast stock in your inventory
  2. Extracting (cropping) directly from a beer batch

To begin a new yeast batch from existing yeast stock, go to Production > View > Yeast/ingredient batches > Start new batch > Yeast.

When creating a new yeast batch, you’ll be able to specify its “Strain”, the batch’s current generation, and the stock items it was started from - amongst other key bits of information.

A new yeast batch will also be started if you extract yeast from a beer batch that has had no yeast batches added to it.

Adding yeast to a beer batch

You can add your yeast batch to a beer batch from the yeast batch’s page, by going to Actions > Add to beer batch. You can choose to add as much or as little of the yeast batch as you would like. Breww is flexible enough to allow you to split a yeast batch over multiple batches of beer.

You can view all yeast batches added to a beer batch under the Ingredients tab on the beer batch.

Extracting (cropping)

You can extract yeast back out of your beer batch by clicking Actions > Extract yeast/ingredient. You can extract yeast into empty vessels or vessels filled with another yeast batch. Extracting the yeast batch will increase its current generation by one automatically.

Usage and Genealogy

At any point, you can view the usage and genealogy of the yeast batch under the Genealogy tab on the yeast batch.

Cost calculations

In order to evenly distribute yeast costs across multiple batches, when adding a purchased stock item to the yeast batch you will be asked over how many beer batches you would like to spread the cost. If you split the yeast batch amongst multiple beer batches, they will proportionally share one usage-worth of the cost.

For example, in the above screenshot, the expected usage is four and the total cost is £100. Initially, the yeast batch is split 50:50 between two batches so each beer batch receives (£100 / 4) / 2 = £12.50. The next beer batch then uses the entire yeast batch, so it receives (£100 / 4) / 1 = £25 of cost.

Viability reporting

You can record cell counts for your yeast batch from under the Cell counts & viability tab. As you record more cell counts and use your yeast batch across multiple beer batches, Breww will generate a graph showing the yeast’s viability over generations.

Why is it called yeast/ingredient batches?

Although the primary use of this functionality is for managing yeast batches, it can also be used to manage any ingredient that you pre-prepare and use over multiple beer batches. For example, if you prepare a Fruit puree with multiple ingredients that you then use in multiple beer batches, you could create a “Fruit” ingredient batch. You could then add this ingredient batch to all of those beer batches and see their cost spread proportionally amongst them.


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I have a query - say we decide when creating a yeast that the expected usage is 10 times, and we proceed with this - if we decide due to micro/performance.etc that we can no longer use this yeast at Gen 8, are the costs re-calculated automatically by breww, or do we need to manually adjust the expected usage in the batch to redistribute costs?

I understand that in the above scenario, if we used it beyond 10, then the resulting batches receive no further costs, but was wondering about sub-optimal performance costings.

Be grateful for your thoughts!

Very good question! Breww won’t automatically re-adjust the expected usage on a yeast batch for you. However, you can change/confirm it once you know the final figure. So if you expect it to be used ten times but only use it eight times, you can go back and update this by going to the Yeast batch → Purchased stock items used → Click Edit on the stock item used → Update the Expected usage.

Breww will then re-calculate the costs attributed to each beer batch (if there are any changes to be made). This way, historical costs won’t be changed by Breww behind-the-scenes without you or your accountant knowing, but you can still choose to change them if you’d like by positively confirming the correct final figure.


I have a question about yeast brink management. We run all of our yeast out of brinks/props when doing this we take from the brink then return wort back in to the brink from the batch we are pitching into.

We haven’t found any logical way to do this in breww other than extract yeast / ingredient transfer on both brink and batch going into tank. Is this the best way to top up the yeast brink in breww?

Thanks for the question Adreac!

To pitch the yeast from your Yeast brink to your fermenting vessel, you can go to the yeast batch that’s in the brink and click Add to beer batch (this part of the guide). To then move some of that wort back into the brink, you can extract the yeast from the batch (this part of the guide) back into the brink vessel to represent the “Top up”.

If you don’t consider this to be a new “generation” of the yeast (due to it just being wort you are extracting), you should be able to override the pre-filled “Yeast generation” number when moving the wort from the beer batch’s vessel to your Yeast brink. This way you still have full traceability about which batches of wort were in contact with your yeast, but without bumping the yeast generation.

If you then remove some of this wort from the brink, you can reduce the volume by going to the yeast batch → ActionsChange volume.

Does that cover what you were looking to do here?

Hey guys, would it be possible to have a reorder level option at determined yeast generation?
Eg. I’d like to re-order yeast once I’m at the 7th gen in tank.

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Thanks, for the suggestion. I can see how this would be useful, but it’s not possible right now.

Would you mind posting this as a feature request so that we can track it through to implementation? For more information on how Breww manages feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙.

Thank you :smile:

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Hi there,

We would really to be able to extract yeast into a vessel before we move wort into it (as this mirrors our actual process). Is this possible?

Also can we add more fields alongside viability? It would be great to track pH and conductivity in graphs as well.


Hi Francesco, thanks for your comment! Currently, when pitching yeast, this must be done by adding it to a batch, and it can’t be added to a vessel prior to the transfer of the batch. It would be great if you could add this and your suggestions for additional fields as feature requests! If you haven’t raised a feature request before our Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww help article should guide you through how the feature request system works!

Hi Ben,

Thanks will do.

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Hi Oliver, thanks for your message! I can see why this would be helpful, so I have converted your post to a feature request so others can vote on this! Cheers.

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